Our services

In addition to designing and building press dies, we offer a range of professional services concerned with press hardening steel blanks and other hot forming processes for sheet-metal.

Your advisory service provider for highly efficient forming processes

We help you simulate and plan your forming processes competently. We include all process-relevant parameters to minimize potential risks and develop appropriate solutions for your specific component geometry.  In this way, we help you to design your production efficiently right from the start.

Try-out for high production reliability

We have an in-house test line with multi-layer chamber furnace and press which you can use for your production test runs.

Product inspections

We provide you with an intensive examination of the shape, temperature profile, hardness and microstructure of your components.

Production of press-hardened steel blanks

We manufacture test series and small series of your press-hardened steel blanks at our production site in Kalix.