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schwartz GmbH and Hütte GmbH joint Christmas party, 2018

At the end of the year, the joint schwartz GmbH and Hütte GmbH Christmas party took place at Tenne, in Eicherscheid.
After a short company meeting, some of the staff decided to visit the Monschau Christmas Market, before the party started in the evening.

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Summer party 2018

This year’s summer party took place on the premises of schwartz GmbH in Simmerath on July 6th. All employees of schwartz GmbH and Hütte GmbH were invited, together with their partners and children.

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Traditional Christmas party at Hütte GmbH and schwartz GmbH

The time has come for us to look back to a successful year. Our performance in the last 12 months is due, first and foremost, to the diligence and commitment of our workforce. At the traditional Christmas party bringing together colleagues from schwartz GmbH and Hütte GmbH, we jointly celebrated this achievement a few days ago.

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Summer party 2017

Sommerfest 2017

30th June 2017. Despite the lack of summer weather, the schwartz GmbH and Hütte GmbH employees, with their partners and children, gathered at the Simmerath premises for the traditional summer party.

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